Rebecca Fitch photography: Blog en-us (C) Rebecca Fitch photography (Rebecca Fitch photography) Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:00:00 GMT Tue, 07 Mar 2017 15:00:00 GMT Rebecca Fitch photography: Blog 80 120 My newborn baby shoots by Rebecca Fitch Photographing newborn babies is such a privilege and I absolutely love it. It takes so much patience but the reward is totally worth it - amazing portraits of that babies new life. My newborn photo shoot usually takes around 3 -4 hours, this allows time for feeding, nappy changes and getting the baby settled into a nice deep sleep. Every newborn shoot is different because every baby is completely different. I absolutely love not knowing how the shoot is going to go. My aim is to make your baby look perfect and I always let the baby be my inspiration. I believe the best images are unplanned and inspired by the uniqueness of each baby.  Whether it is cute dimples, big beautiful eyes, full lips, or a great head of hair, I try to highlight the beauty of the baby. At my studio in Gerrards Cross, South Bucks, I have blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, props and teeny weeny tiny teddies, it's so lovely to create these gorgeous images. The best shots often come from open minds and surprising moments.

When I first started out, these are the things I used to panic about -

will the baby sleep? (I now will photograph them awake as well as asleep - the baby is the boss)

will the baby wee or poop when we do the naked shots? (I only do the naked shots now when they are fast asleep) I always tell the parents never to worry about that though as they won't be the first or the last! 

will the parents be relaxed about me handling their precious little newborn baby? (After soothing their baby and holding their little one for the first 20 minutes of the session, they always relax and realise I am very experienced at what I do and also that I love love love babies)

Thank goodnesss I don't panic anymore!!!! 

A few top tips to make for a good shoot -

  • Always put on the "baby shusher" - constant white noise to calm the baby
  • Always use hand sanitiser in front of the parents before handling the baby
  • Always swaddle and wrap a fussy baby
  • Always have baby wipes to hand
  • Always have a plan B up your sleeve. (i.e you want to do bean bag shots but baby is not settled enough, make sure you have a basket or a prop also ready to shoot)
  • If siblings are involved always shoot them first
  • I always put a black and white camera buddy on my lens, this helps them to focus where the lens is if you get some magical awake shots.

The best newborn photographs are taken when a baby 7-14 days new, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to book your newborn photography session well in advance of your due date. By booking in early I can make sure I am available at the right time - those precious first few days. It’s essential for those cute, snuggly, sleepy newborn photos. However, I never turn away an older baby as some of these shots can be gorgeous as they open their eyes and look straight down the lens. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog about my newborn shoots xx

Here are some various photos from a recent gallery - I can't give her a name as the parents hadn't decided on the shoot day. She was a beautiful newborn baby at 13 days new. Mummy was also stunning. 



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Why it’s so important to always get a photo of mum

There are so many reasons mums don’t like to have their photo taken especially when they’ve just had their baby. They’ve obviously gained weight and at this moment are the most tired they’ve ever been.  Wearing an ugly nursing bra doesn’t make you feel very glamorous either. After a rough night of sleep, they are in my studio having their photo taken! But you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to show that amazing love and connection between you and your child. I have never had a mum come in the studio and not like their photo. The bond really does shine through.

Whenever I have a mum in the studio that is not keen to have her photo taken, I remind her that this photo is for her new baby or the photo is for her son or daughter. They will cherish this photo forever especially as we all get older and older. Today is truly a gift and who knows what happens tomorrow.  But having a memory of this precious time is invaluable.

I always remind the parents that by the time their son or daughter is old enough to remember their childhood, you will have more grey hair than you do now and you’ll be looking back at photos thinking how young you once looked. Your children will look at these photos and be amazed at how beautiful you were. It’s so easy to be over critical of yourself in photos, but your husband and your children see something different.

Writing this blog has reminded me that I too need to start having more photos with my children, it’s very easy as a photographer to end up always being the one behind the camera.  I rarely hand over my camera to someone else and jump in the shot. Time goes by so fast and your children grow up so quickly. Capture those memories now. Mothers day is approaching – Sunday March 26, make sure you make it your mission to get some photos with your mum! I will be doing some shoots especially for Mothers Day. My studio is in Gerrards Cross, South Bucks for anyone that's local or we can simply go to the nearest park. 


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Amazing mummy with her 3 boys!  


Gorgeous mummy with her newborn twin Beautiful family

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family a few weeks ago. They turned up very promptly to the studio in Gerrards Cross at 10am. Normally husbands and wives with one newborn baby turn up a bit late. This mum is a definite Superwoman though, coming all by herself with her older son in tow bang on 10am! The twin boys, Teddy and Tommy were 4 weeks old and mum was so very relaxed which obviously made my job much easier. A chilled mummy makes for chilled babies! They were so so good with no crying for most of the shoot and big brother Archie was amazing and confidently held his baby brothers. It was great to capture the family moment, as you can see mummy is super gorgeous. Really think the Black and White photo of her is stunning! I am glad we started with the family shots as a bit later on, one of the twins definitely had a bit of tummy trouble and was really unsettled so we called it a day. We did manage to get a few singular shots of each baby though. I really love photographing twins. I think of the twins with their bond as they grow up. It must be so special to be able have a picture together whilst still so teeny weeny. Maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to photograph triplets!!!

twin boys at 4 weeks old!Hello!!!! Brothers. Sibling and twin boysBrotherly love. Archie, Tommy and Teddy

newborn twin boysThe bond between twins, so sweet. 4 week old twin boysSleeping 4 week old twin


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Do you ever look at a newborn baby and wonder what they will be like as an adult? Out of all the amazing shoots I have done so far in 2016. I have to say this little baby girl Gia was my absolute favourite newborn baby! So very cute when alert, she could focus her eyes on me and my camera and also smile! Such a little old soul and so beautiful. I got some amazing photos of her asleep and awake. I think it helped having my special camera buddy around my camera lens. It's a black and white animal that I can make squeak that attaches by elastic round the camera, it always helps me to get newborns looking directly at the camera. At this young age they can only see black and white. I put it in front of their face and babies always follow it with their eyes! It is also entertaining for their big brother or sister! I normally say "can you make the animal squeak?" "it only squeaks if you give me a smile!" or "it only squeaks if you give your brother or sister a kiss!" and then sometimes the animal just squeaks randomly which surprises us all and we get a very natural laugh! I decided to put some of baby Gias photos on a slideshow, just so you can appreciate this amazing baby with those incredible eyes! Do you ever look at a baby and wonder exactly what kind of a child they will be or perhaps even what they will be like as an adult? I definitely did with Gia!


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Where are all the newborn baby girls?? Lots of newborn boys in my South Bucks studio!! How gorgeous is this baby boy, Jairaj at 13 days new. 

He really was a dream baby. Mummy and Daddy loved all the pretty light blues, they looked amazing on his colouring and with all that hair! He slept really well for most of the session even though his gorgeous sister was quite noisy and enthusiastic! A really gorgeous family xx 


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My beautiful boys, please stop growing up so fast! love mummy xx

The Summer holidays are over and we are all in "back to school" mode! The house is quiet, I am able to get back to work! editing, shooting but also realising my boys are getting older and that time is going quicker and quicker. I have one thing to say - "Dear my beautiful boys, please stop growing up so fast" love mummy

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This gorgeous family photo captured by Rebecca Fitch photography. An amazing shoot day with such a gorgeous loving family. We got so many lovely shots of Karam, a really sweet newborn baby boy. Only a few weeks old! Really enjoying taking the family shots more and more, when you see a moment and you capture it, it's perfect for the parents to treasure forever. You can see this baby boy was absolutely adored! I have an incredibly busy time the next few weeks with new babies being born. It's an Easter baby boom! Can't wait xx

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Family photos After doing a fabulous course by Rachel Vanoven, I have now mastered taking amazing family photos together with a Newborn. These can be very tricky for positioning of the baby and positioning of the lighting but I feel so much more confident and am now getting some great photos. These are memories which a client will treasure forever. I try and explain to the Mum and the Dad that their bodies are not on show, it's literally the top of your arms and your face and mainly the baby in full focus.

Cannot wait for my next baby to come in on Friday so I can do these amazing family shots.

]]> (Rebecca Fitch photography) Tue, 16 Feb 2016 20:51:40 GMT Check out the article I have written in - the little book!

Always such a good read for parents.

How to take better photos of your kids!!!



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Busy times! I love my studio in Gerrards Cross!


It's Christmas time approaching and I have been busy with Christmas card shoots! And suddenly all these new babies being born, it's good that it's so busy.

Really trying to get my name out there and what I do, so pleased that people are spreading the word. If you are happy with my services please write a review on net mums!!!

It's such a great sight to help mums find what they are looking for.

Very excited to be shooting an actor tomorrow Adam Sinclair! He is wanting a new headshot. I do love doing portrait photography, makes a real change from babies and kids x

Anyway, bye for now x


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Rebecca Fitch and my photography update! Exciting times ahead! After having worked really hard to get my business up and running. I now have lots of bookings coming in from all different areas. Lots of local babies and children from the Gerrards Cross area. It's so special being able to photograph families, babies and children. I really do love my job and as some of you know I adore photographing newborns. The Christmas card slots are also being booked up. I mustn't forget to do my kids!!! I have a choice of 4 great backdrops. Easy to forget them when I'm busy photographing and editing other peoples kids!! I recently went to a zenfolio workshop to help me get to grips with my new website. I hope you can see that it's come a long way and really looking better every day. Apparently blogging is a very good way of getting your name out there and letting people know what you are up to. I am working with a great PR lady if you need anyone, she can help you promote your business brilliantly - Anyways that's it for now. Time to set up for a newborn baby boy and his 6 year old sister. Really looking forward to this shoot!!! I just bought some new props from Newborn baby posing ltd! So exciting!!


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Excited about upcoming newborn shoots!! "Rebecca Fitch newborn photographer, Bucks." So many lovely props and wraps now in the studio! So excited to be using them in the next few weeks. So many gorgeous newborns to photograph. Must be a baby boom month.

Remember to book in anytime after your 20 week scan, I would hate to turn any newborns away. It is always best to photograph within the first 14 days. They are so curled up and sleepy then.

Rebecca Fitch, newborn and family photographer, Gerrards Cross, Bucks.


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First blog guys! Gerrards Cross newborn and family photographer! I have just been on my hols to Greece! And now it is time to totally update my website and make sure I am putting it out there - the newborn photographer of Gerrards Cross, and a great family photographer too!!! I love love love what I do. Always so excited to photograph my subjects xx I guess blogging is the way forward! xx Got a ton of fabulous photos to edit now. Back soon x


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