Rebecca Fitch photography | Do you ever look at a newborn baby and wonder what they will be like as an adult?

Do you ever look at a newborn baby and wonder what they will be like as an adult?

September 12, 2016  •  4 Comments

Out of all the amazing shoots I have done so far in 2016. I have to say this little baby girl Gia was my absolute favourite newborn baby! So very cute when alert, she could focus her eyes on me and my camera and also smile! Such a little old soul and so beautiful. I got some amazing photos of her asleep and awake. I think it helped having my special camera buddy around my camera lens. It's a black and white animal that I can make squeak that attaches by elastic round the camera, it always helps me to get newborns looking directly at the camera. At this young age they can only see black and white. I put it in front of their face and babies always follow it with their eyes! It is also entertaining for their big brother or sister! I normally say "can you make the animal squeak?" "it only squeaks if you give me a smile!" or "it only squeaks if you give your brother or sister a kiss!" and then sometimes the animal just squeaks randomly which surprises us all and we get a very natural laugh! I decided to put some of baby Gias photos on a slideshow, just so you can appreciate this amazing baby with those incredible eyes! Do you ever look at a baby and wonder exactly what kind of a child they will be or perhaps even what they will be like as an adult? I definitely did with Gia!



So sweet! Love this pictures.
Lobe the colour
Lovely adore the colour and what. Cute baby
Rajul Mehta
We came with our 15-day old twins for a shoot with Becky. I was worried about how I would get out of the house with newborn twins and 2 older children and get to the shoot on time, but on the day it worked out fine and when we got there Becky was great. She welcomed us in to her fabulous studio and once we settled in we got started. It was a lovely, relaxed session and the babies slept pretty much through the whole thing, thanks to all the white noise and warm atmosphere. Becky was very gentle as she expertly wrapped the babies for the various shots. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and we will enjoy the photographs for many years to come.
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