Rebecca Fitch photography | Amazing mummy with her 3 boys!

Amazing mummy with her 3 boys!

January 09, 2017  •  3 Comments



Gorgeous mummy with her newborn twin Beautiful family

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family a few weeks ago. They turned up very promptly to the studio in Gerrards Cross at 10am. Normally husbands and wives with one newborn baby turn up a bit late. This mum is a definite Superwoman though, coming all by herself with her older son in tow bang on 10am! The twin boys, Teddy and Tommy were 4 weeks old and mum was so very relaxed which obviously made my job much easier. A chilled mummy makes for chilled babies! They were so so good with no crying for most of the shoot and big brother Archie was amazing and confidently held his baby brothers. It was great to capture the family moment, as you can see mummy is super gorgeous. Really think the Black and White photo of her is stunning! I am glad we started with the family shots as a bit later on, one of the twins definitely had a bit of tummy trouble and was really unsettled so we called it a day. We did manage to get a few singular shots of each baby though. I really love photographing twins. I think of the twins with their bond as they grow up. It must be so special to be able have a picture together whilst still so teeny weeny. Maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to photograph triplets!!!

twin boys at 4 weeks old!Hello!!!! Brothers. Sibling and twin boysBrotherly love. Archie, Tommy and Teddy

newborn twin boysThe bond between twins, so sweet. 4 week old twin boysSleeping 4 week old twin



What a beautiful session! Especially love the first b&w image - very stylish!
Oh wow, Mummy looks amazing! Beautiful images of beautiful boys x
Wow I especially love the sibling images. What an amazing mum
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