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Why it’s so important to always get a photo of mum

January 17, 2017  •  4 Comments

There are so many reasons mums don’t like to have their photo taken especially when they’ve just had their baby. They’ve obviously gained weight and at this moment are the most tired they’ve ever been.  Wearing an ugly nursing bra doesn’t make you feel very glamorous either. After a rough night of sleep, they are in my studio having their photo taken! But you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to show that amazing love and connection between you and your child. I have never had a mum come in the studio and not like their photo. The bond really does shine through.

Whenever I have a mum in the studio that is not keen to have her photo taken, I remind her that this photo is for her new baby or the photo is for her son or daughter. They will cherish this photo forever especially as we all get older and older. Today is truly a gift and who knows what happens tomorrow.  But having a memory of this precious time is invaluable.

I always remind the parents that by the time their son or daughter is old enough to remember their childhood, you will have more grey hair than you do now and you’ll be looking back at photos thinking how young you once looked. Your children will look at these photos and be amazed at how beautiful you were. It’s so easy to be over critical of yourself in photos, but your husband and your children see something different.

Writing this blog has reminded me that I too need to start having more photos with my children, it’s very easy as a photographer to end up always being the one behind the camera.  I rarely hand over my camera to someone else and jump in the shot. Time goes by so fast and your children grow up so quickly. Capture those memories now. Mothers day is approaching – Sunday March 26, make sure you make it your mission to get some photos with your mum! I will be doing some shoots especially for Mothers Day. My studio is in Gerrards Cross, South Bucks for anyone that's local or we can simply go to the nearest park. 



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Beautiful pictures!x
So true. Beautiful xxx
You've inspired me to be on photos more! x
Such a sweet post! Reminds me I too need to try to get more photos with my precious ones : ) gorgeous photos as always!
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