Rebecca Fitch photography | Just who is "Rebecca" from Rebecca Fitch photography?

Just who is "Rebecca" from Rebecca Fitch photography?

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Welcome to Rebecca Fitch Photography. I have been photographing children professionally for many years and specialise in newborns. I’d like to introduce myself properly to you and how better than to tell you a little about myself and how I got into photographing adorable little people!

When I was younger, and before I moved into production and choreography, I worked as a professional dancer and then a model, so understood what was needed on the other side of the camera to get the best shots.  I always loved taking my own photos and after having my own children (two boys aged 6 and 8) started refining the images I took of them.  Friends started asking me to take pictures of their youngsters. I realised I was good at it and loved it. But what became increasingly clear was my passion for newborns in particular. When my husband said ‘no’ to a third child (we had always agreed on 2!), I realised my job could tick all my boxes. Handling, cuddling and photographing beautiful newly born babies every week and then giving them back! 

This is me and my 3 boys incase you were wondering what I looked like!


About five years ago, I decided to take the plunge and go professional. Since then I have taken several courses and trained alongside some of the best in the business including accredited newborn photographers Ana BrandtJillian Greenhill and Tracy Willis - safety of these tiny babies is paramount. When deciding on a Newborn photographer - make sure they have training, it's scary to think that anyone can call themselves a newborn photographer.  At the end of last year, I decided to try something new and managed to get onto a course with the very talented and amazing Paulina Duczman  who specialises in fine art photography. She has inspired me so much and shaped some of my most recent work based more around children than babies.  Click here to see gorgeous Olivia

Fine Art Photography by Rebecca FitchPhotographing children in the studio in Gerrards Cross


Meeting all these professionals has been super inspirational in different ways. I love learning new techniques and ideas and looking at a subject with a fresh pair of eyes - different photographers can approach projects very differently.  

I am very lucky to have my own studio at home. It is immaculately clean and set up with all the props, clothes and accessories I need for a shoot with newborn, babies or children. I also have a beautiful and flattering collection of maternity dresses for mums-to-be. 

My favourite shoot has to have been with a family that brought their rather large dog to the studio. I don’t usually work with animals! So we had these two beautiful girls, their parents and this crazy dog all in this one room. It was pretty hectic. But it was all great fun and towards the end the one year old fell asleep cuddling her dog who had also fallen asleep and I have this wonderful shot of them together.

The best tip I tip I can give someone thinking of getting photographs done with their newborn baby is to GET IT BOOKED IT EARLY!  I cannot urge you enough organise this while you are still pregnant. After the baby arrives life gets very hectic and tiring.  Not only that, but the first couple of weeks are crucial for getting some of the best images. Quite often I get 4 week old babies up to 6 month olds who just never got round to it before. We still get great shots but nothing beats those first 2 weeks when they are all so scrunched up and sleepy. Those make some of the most precious photos.

In the meantime, and until you book a session with me, here are my 5 Top Tips for taking photos of your children. Whether you take quick snaps with your phone or prefer to use a professional camera, children can be notoriously hard to photograph. From getting them to stand still and look natural to struggling to capture the moment in focus, many parents find it hard to get good pictures of their children! 



Do’s and Don’t When Taking Pictures of Your Children:


  • Do choose your time of day carefully 

Mornings are the best time of day to take photos – kids are generally brighter and happier. As the day wears on, they can get tired and more irritable. As soon as a toddler can walk, it is always great to shoot them outdoors but obviously this is dependent on the weather.

  • Don’t try and make your own children laugh

Fake smiles are the worst! To create a real, timeless image you are looking for authentic smiles! The best smiles are the really natural ones, especially when children are properly laughing. Sometimes asking a friend to make your child laugh works. 

  • Don’t force them to do anything or stand still for too long!

Kids become uncooperative when you want them to do something they don’t enjoy. If you let them be wild and carefree, you will capture natural expressions and wide smiles!

Jumping on the bed, dancing on the couch, shouting really loud… Anything that sounds slightly mischievous will make them happy!

  • Do give them something to do

Kids like something to do or hold. When you give them something else to focus on they will forget about the camera usually. If you are outside give them a kite to hold or if you are inside put some music on and let them dance. If it is something fun they are less likely to run away. 

  •  Do go for quantity as well as quality

Trying to capture that perfect shot with children can be tricky – especially if there are more than one child in the shot as trying to get them all to look good with their eyes open at the same time just isn’t easy. My solution is to take lots and lots of photos! I always start with the one or two kids that feel more happy and comfortable in front of the camera, then eventually persuade the shy ones to join. After some laughs and some silliness, most children forget they are having their photo taken.


If you would like a professional photoshoot for your children or the whole family, you can contact Rebecca by going to her website or click here to Email or call her on 07790005345.


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