Rebecca Fitch photography | So, what magic happens after your photoshoot?

So, what magic happens after your photoshoot?

March 01, 2018  •  9 Comments

After the shoot…

I spend much more time in the edit suite afterwards as I do actually taking the photos. This is called post-production. I want to present your child, or family, at their very best. I won’t change the essence of the photo but I can enhance the images to make them pop and capture every beautiful, delicate detail. Editing involves numerous things – checking colours, cropping, checking skin tones, getting rid of blemishes, fluff, snot, poo – yes, I am not joking, as well as checking the background of a photo. I will also do my best to flatter a self-conscious mummy. But editing and retouching can be a lengthy process especially when I am such a perfectionist. In the early days, I learnt the hard way - rushed to take the shot then spent hours sorting out the finer details in Photoshop. The absolute best way is to get the shot as close to perfection straight away in camera - so I take my time setting up the shot and take numerous test shots first to make sure I am happy. When the photos are finished, around 2-3 weeks after your shoot I will send you a link to view them. You have 2 weeks to select your favourite images and decide if you would like to also purchase wall art. To use a hackneyed phrase, at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is everything and I depend on word of mouth for my business to continue. So my aim and intention is to leave you delighted and content!

Here are a couple of photos showing before and after so you can see a bit of my editing magic.


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Thank you for sharing your before and after, it so lovely :-)
Great demonstration of before and after editing.
Thank you for sharing your before and after, great blog
I love seeing before and afters. Thanks for sharing!
So great to see the process from start to finish, beautiful!
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